Mo’Rhythm, unlike other corporate drum events, offers long-term programs utilizing African and African Diaspora rhythms, song and movements to develop our mental and physical potential as part of a balanced lifestyle and healthy work environment, not just a welcome distraction. Specialized interactive drumming has been shown to regenerate brain cells, reduce stress in our body, reverse stress marker genes and increase production of natural killer cells. In addition, it enhances listening skills, communication skills and creates a social support system which can break down emotional barriers that obstruct learning/productivity and in turn increase creativity, innovation, productivity and self-esteem.

By teaching the context and history of African rhythms, participants gain respect for our cultural diversity and acceptance and tolerance of our external differences. As a result, participants will take with them the spirit of collaboration and cooperation, finding unity and peace to help us all live smarter, longer, healthier and happier lives.

The goal is to bring this type of experience into the workplace/school to rejuvenate the participants productivity and success by stimulating brain function, reducing cortisol (the stress hormone), creating camaraderie, bringing joy, laughter and smiles to all. The act of drumming encourages good listening, cooperation, collaboration, communication, regenerates brain cells, creates cross-communication between the left and right sides of the brain increasing brain function, stimulating creativity and increasing productivity.


Teach and facilitate drumming events. Participants gather for a drumming experience led by a trained facilitator. Participants will learn the basic sounds on the djembe/dunun, then taught exercises to develop their coordination. They will learn a traditional rhythm from West Africa followed by a song (and on occasion a simple movement) and finally basic improvisation ideas (done as call and response techniques). Drumming groups for women only are also available; they focus on building confidence and overcoming fears for women working in male-dominated fields. Sessions can be booked as weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly events. All drums are provided by Mo’Rhythm.

Interactive Concerts which feature a 9-piece band and African percussion instruments for every participant. Bandleader Monette Marino will teach rhythms to participants who will then play with the band. The concert includes three dancers to lead the participants in movements that originate from Latin America, Africa and India. These concerts are offered for once a year or quarterly company-wide special events.